I worked for the U.S. military and can’t find the person I worked for. I need to get a recommendation from him. Is there anyone who can help?

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  • Yes.  If your previous supervisor was U.S. military or an employee of the U.S. Department of Defense and you are having trouble locating them, the United States Government can possibly help, although it is not guaranteed.
    • Under the Supervisor Locator program, the U.S. government will try to locate your previous supervisor and contact them for you.

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  • I’m an Iraqi citizen and I had worked for US Army in Iraq as an Interpreter from 2008 until 2011 and I applied for visa since begginning of 2011 and I had my interview since July14 2011 in Ankara-Turkey and still waiting for visa to be issued , and I have friends they were behind me too much and they got their visas months ago, so is there any one who can help me with my application? Any way to speed up the process for me please,

    Answer shared by Hatim Darwesh Ido — June 29, 2012 @ 3:28 am

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  • i have SIV visa issued since 3 month and i sent all the document to siv USA RAP and IOM SIV
    but there is no any feedback except AUTO replay
    please i need to knowe any information about my case(BGH2009508006),my visa will expire on 2 month


    Aram Qader

    Answer shared by Aram Qader wezdy — January 9, 2014 @ 5:22 am

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  • Is there a legal provision in US law imposes on the officer or supervisor answer to confirm the work for siv?? I urgently need to confirm the work. Because my chance will be lost. My life is in danger in Iraq. Please help me…..

    Answer shared by M.KAREEM — June 4, 2015 @ 1:41 am

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  • Dear Sir/MI have worked with the US army  Corps of Engineering in northern of Afghanistan in Balkh Province, from 2006 upto 2008  I have worked with (CII ) international company ,from 2008 upto March of 2012 I have worked with US army Corps of engineering. During of my work the Taliban thrown two threatment letters in my house in the letter they written to me to leave my job and join with them and do jihad with them, then I refused them because of I don’t believe their ideology and of course I have to work to feed my family in addition they know my mobile number and called me from unknown numbers, they siad that I don’t go with them they kill me and my family, after that one night they came to my house attacked to me and injury and broken my nose and my hand they want to kill me during this moment  my neighborhood inform to the police on that time they escaped, my family took me to the hospital and I was in coma for 24 hours, after that I could not live in my country Afghanistan then I came to Turkey applied for SIV program after afew months I got deined because I don’t have HR latter from that company. Then I applied to the UNHCR , but UNHCR is not helping and not interviewing with me.  i am really bad series sickness and i become. unconsciou.sometime i cannot able to walk and go outside.please help me .I have served. ISAF. for six years but the UN not helping me, my family is under threat of Taliban in Afghanistan, my economy situation is not good in Turkey.I have all my documents  such as Certificates, recommandation letter, scan of my baged,My name. is Kh Maiwand AziziDate of birth.6.may.1988Email Address sahil_maiwand@yahoo.comMobilenumber:0090.5388832311

    Answer shared by kh.maiwand azizi — November 4, 2014 @ 3:56 pm

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